Absolut Elyx Vodka 700ml

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Referred to as Liquid Silk, this truly is a luxury vodka. Absolut Elyx is distilled from fermented winter wheat grown at Råbelöf estate, a family owned estate in southern Sweden who’ve been cultivating wheat since the 1400s. The vodka's final distillation is a manual process which happens in a copper column still dating back to 1921. The result is a clean, full bodied vodka, with silky mouthfeel, and lovely balanced spice and nuttiness.

Tasting notes

Full bodied, luscious silky mouthfeel with waves of rich macadamia nuts, creamed cereal and garnishes of white chocolate and buttery notes of freshly baked bread. Light fresh nuttiness with a well-balanced hint of mellow spice and pure balanced richness. Well balanced warm smooth finish.

ABV: 42.3% 
Volume: 700ml
Country: Sweden