Batch 10 Honey Bourbon Pouch 200ml

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Now this is something new! Designed for the outdoorsman, who want to take some whisky out on their adventures, but don't want glass in their packs. These convenient pouches of bourbon are perfect for taking out on a hunt in the bush, fishing trip, mountain biking, you name it. 

Batch 10's Honey Bourbon is stroke of genius from some Kiwi lads who began combining honey into their favourite bourbon after a day of fishing. 

This is a masterful blend of carefully selected batches of top quality New Zealand honey and the very best Kentucky bourbon. Not only is this dangerously easy to drink and an incredible edition to cocktails - it is incredible over ice cream, in a tiramisu, or used in a BBQ marinade

ABV: 36% 
Volume: 200ml
Country: New Zealand