Blind Tiger Organic Gin 700ml

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"Blind Tiger" comes from the prohibition days, it was a term used to describe illegal/underground bars which were usually very exclusive and exciting places, and put a big emphasis on cocktails, many of which were Gin based.

Fun fact there, we originally considered calling this business Blind Tiger, and it was the first breadcrumb that lead to the name Easy Tiger.

Blind Tiger Organic Gin is distilled in small batches, it is a complex, yet elegant and aromatic gin made from carefully selected certified organic botanicals.

Like with many gins, Juniper Berry is the core botanical in Blind Tiger, though this one provides a strong backbone of fresh spring forest and citrus notes. Coriander has been selected to enhance the citrus characters of the juniper and brings out a subtle earthy character, whilst angelica root gives a delightfully aromatic note of musk. Summer savoury completes the botanical mix, and contributes a subtle mint like peppery character. Too good!

ABV: 42.7% 
Volume: 700ml
Country: Belgium