Clemengold Cape Town Dry Gin 500ml

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'Clemengolds' are South Africa’s premium mandarin. They are a gorgeously sweet and aromatic citrus fruit, that are sun-ripened under the African sun and handpicked by mandarin growers from all over the world.

Crafted in the heart of Cape Town, this wonderful gin uses eight botanicals - Clemengold and orange peel, cinnamon, ground almond, juniper berries, angelica and orris root, and coriander - These are all macerated and vapour-infused to bring gin lovers a smooth classic Cape Dry style gin with wonderfully aromatic hints of citrus.

Tasting Note

Classic dry style gin, with lovely unique citrus notes from the clemengold madarin peels. Incredibly smooth. A perfect gin and tonic for summer, with lots of ice and topped with an orange slice - Also try it with a good lemonade!

ABV: 43% 
Volume: 700ml
Country: South Africa