Dancing Saffron Gin 700ml

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Dancing Sands, a shining star in the New Zealand spirits world and quickly becoming a household name. Their distillery can be found nestled in the beauty of Golden Bay, where they have access to outstanding local botanicals and some of the world's best water.

By combining their classic dry gin with saffron, cardamom and rosebud-infused water, Dancing Sands have created a very unique, spicy and floral spirit, with an inviting golden hay colour. Taking advantage of one of the worlds most expensive and sought after ingredients, over 8,000 handpicked crocus flowers are used to make one batch of this gin.

Tasting note

Greeted with the unmistakable nose of saffron, the palate offers a semi-sweet taste with hay-like undertones, followed by the warming of cardamom and spice and a buttery soft finish. Sweetness from the rosebud water lingers gently.

ABV: 46% 
Volume: 700ml
Country: New Zealand