Dancing Sands Vodka 700ml

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Dancing Sands, a shining star in the New Zealand spirits world and quickly becoming a household name. Their distillery can be found nestled in the beauty of Golden Bay, where they have access to outstanding local botanicals and some of the worlds best water. +++ Their first vodka is the pinnacle of purity. It is double distilled in an artisan copper pot still, and batch made by hand. Utilising the world’s clearest spring water they’ve created an unmistakably smooth, creamy vodka.

Tasting notes

Slightly sweet on the nose with chocolaty undertones. A burst of creamy butter with an almost confectionery feel. Hints of nuts and citrus zest. Smooth silky finish that can only be described as liquid purity.

ABV: 40% 
Volume: 700ml
Country: New Zealand