Empress 1908 Colour Changing Gin 700ml

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Oh my days, what an exciting gin this is! Empress 1908 Indigo Gin is an unbelievably vivid blue, which turns to an intoxicatingly gorgeous purple when mixed with tonic, and can further transform any cocktail into a stunning piece of art. This is one to get creative with.

The distinct colour is all natural, and comes from the infusion of tea botanicals, which reacts with the grapefruit peel and produces this mad scientific concoction.

Micro-distilled in Canada, the Empress 1908 is hand crafted using eight botanicals: tea, juniper, rose, coriander seed, grapefruit peel, ginger root, cinnamon bark, and butterfly pea blossom. 


As the colouring is all natural, some fading can occur over time. We recommend that you store the bottle in a cool, dark place. Though it takes quite a while to fade, and this certainly isn't the gin to hoard, get stuck into it before it gets the chance. 

Tasting note

Once you have recovered from the spectacle of pouring this gin, you get to enjoy a very well balanced, classic London Dry styled gin, with a burst of floral characters. The nose carries assertive flavours of citrus and earthy tones. When tasted the juniper comes through, with more citrus and subtle floral notes, leading to a slightly sweet violet perfume finish. 

ABV: 42.5% 
Volume: 700ml
Country: Canada