Everyday Weekend Lime & Soda Hard Seltzer 10 pack

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Due to the cancellation of many upcoming festivals, Everyday Weekend has been left with a spare summer's worth of stock and a serious shortage of thirsty sun-worshipper's to quench.

To help them clear through their stock, we've organised a massive deal and this is your chance to get in the action and save $9 on every box. Your Weekend starts here.


Citizen's of good times, Everyday Weekend are a New Zealand premium seltzer brand. Combining premium vodka, pristine NZ sparkling water and the natural flavours of our delicious country they've created the ultimate drink to enjoy in the sun. 


Gisborne is the first city in the world to see the sun each day. Which also makes it the first place to see the weekend! Those sun-drenched days make Gisborne the perfect place to ripen zesty, flavoursome limes, which we've generously squeezed into the can your holding. 

Low sugar and low calories. No artificial colours, sweeteners or preservatives. Just premium vodka, pure New Zealand sparkling water and the limey, mouth-puckering feeling of total refreshment.

ABV: 5
Volume: 10 x 330ml
Country: New Zealand