Four Pillars Navy Strength Gin 500ml

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Four Pillars Navy Strength is a gin that stays true to Four Pillars signature style, though the volume has been turned up slightly beyond 11. At 58.8% ABV this gin can support more robust and delicious botanicals. Fresh ginger brings spiciness to the gin, while turmeric adds weight and lovely earthiness. Also invited to the party are native Australian finger limes, which are grown in Byron Bay - they have an intensity of flavour that is hard to believe, and they help the gin attain super citrusy notes and a lovely high-toned freshness.

Tasting note

The finger limes highlight the Asian spices like coriander and star anise, and are complemented by the fresh ginger. Then turmeric adds weight to the palate and a fresh but earthy quality, not unlike dill. The resulting gin has lifted aromatics of lime curd, pine needles, and fragrant spices with a vanilla character which pulls it all together. The palate is intense - sweet and juicy - but it is still very clean.

ABV: 58.8
Volume: 700ml
Country: Australia