Good George Cold Brew Coffee Vodka 700ml

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Coffee and vodka, a combination of two of life's great pleasures. Hand crafted in small batches, and triple charcoal filtered, Good George's award-winning vodka has been blended with freshly roasted Raglan Roast Ethiopian Sidamo coffee beans for a smooth yet bold boozy coffee fix.

Use this vodka in your next Espresso Martini to double the coffee kick, or just enjoy it over ice. The coffee gives this spirit body and depth, while the triple charcoal filtration leaves it smooth enough to sip. For more cocktail ideas using Cold Brew Coffee Vodka keep an eye on our social media.

Cold Brew Coffee Vodka is slightly darker than whiskey gold, but carries the unmistakable chocolatey, roast, aromas of fresh coffee.

ABV: 37.5
Volume: 700ml
Country: New Zealand