Grey Lynn Gin 700ml

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Famous premium Auckland gin distillery liquidated.
Best priced, premium New Zealand craft gin we've ever seen.
Now selling below trade.

Grey Lynn's signature citrus gin: Smooth, bold, and citrus-forward. A premium, classic styled craft gin - with a carefully selected botanical-base to let the quality shine. The hero note is punchy and bright citrus, which is rounded by juniper berries and fennel seeds. Makes for a perfect, refreshing G&T - and a versatile base for cocktails. 

ABV: 40% 
Volume: 700ml
Country: New Zealand


Due to rising costs in a very tough climate, Grey Lynn Gin made the call to go into liquidation a few months ago.

As massive supporters of New Zealand craft distillers and Grey Lynn Gin itself, this was incredibly sad news. However, we also saw the opportunity to both help with this process, and bring you all an exceptional offer at the same time.

We have picked up all the remaining stock that Grey Lynn Gin had already produced, allowing us for the first time ever to remove the manufacturer's margin and sell this gin for less than we were buying it for at trade.

Naturally this deal can only go on for as long as the stocks last, and at this price we don't expect it stick around for long.

Stock up with enough bottles to see you through Summer with the best value gin in New Zealand - and be sure to raise a toast to the Grey Lynn Gin team.