Oscar 697 Vermouth Rosso 750ml

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Vermouths and people's perception towards them are changing, and the Oscar 697 range are a perfect example of the new-age craft vermouth that still follows the traditions and EU standards to call themselves just that.

The Rosso (Red) has been kept it at a low sugar percent, leading to a preferable drier styled vermouth. It has gorgeous notes of absinthe, rhubarb with subtle aniseed and the rich red colour comes naturally from burnt sugars.

This vermouth is a joy to drink on its own, though it will take traditional cocktails that call for a red vermouth up a tier.

Tasting note

Dry styled with a welcomed bitterness. Rich full-bodied with notes of rhubarb, liquorice and absinthe.

ABV: 16% 
Volume: 750ml
Country: Italy