Starward Old Fashioned Cocktail 500ml

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Named World's Best Pre-mixed Cocktail - World Premix Awards 2020

Starward's (New) Old Fashioned bottled cocktail is a modern take on the famous classic whisky cocktail. Crafted in collaboration with their talented bartenders and distilling team, it showcases their craft whisky in a new and exciting way.

The cocktail is a harmonious blend of Starward whisky, a house-made bitters and their very own wattleseed demerara syrup, all which come together to create an unforgettably smooth and aromatic cocktail that's guaranteed to impress. 

The perfect drink to share with friends at the dinner table, around the BBQ or in a celebratory toast to the occasion - All you need to do now is pour over ice.

ABV: 32% 
Volume: 500ml
Country: Straya