Suntory Roku Japanese Gin 1L

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The first gin from Japan's legendary Suntory Distillery. "Roku" is Japanese for "Six" which refers to the six Japanese botanicals used, which aim to steer you through the four seasons - Sakura leaf and sakura flower for spring, sencha tea and gyokuro tea for summer, sansho pepper for autumn, and yuzu peel for winter. Traditional gin botanicals are also featured including the likes of juniper, orange peel, lemon peel, coriander and cinnamon, among others.

Tasting note

On the nose, the initial burst of yuzu is followed closely by buttery pastries and walnuts. Roku eases smoothly on to the palate delivering abundant citrus, butter, toffee, and a hint of juniper, which is joined by pepper to bring a satisfying, spicy finish. A very worthy "protagonist" of the Japanese gin movement.

ABV: 43% 
Volume: 1000ml
Country: Japan