Tavernello Sangiovese Romagna DOC 2021 (6x750ml)

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The Tavernello brand is an absolute juggernaut of the Italian wine industry - this is the number one table wine sold in Italy, and the number one Italian table wine sold worldwide. And with plenty of fruity flavours of cherries and blackberries, and soft, velvety tannins, we can see why. If Master Sommelier Cameron Douglas recommends it, that's reason enough for us. This plush new Italian superquaffer is a must-buy for any fan of approachable, easy drinking reds and a winning match with pizza, pasta or just a glass by itself on the sofa. Delicious!

Tasting note:

Tavernello Sangiovese Romagna DOC is a vibrant red in colour, with violet hues. Intense nose of fresh red fruits. On the palate it is bursting with fruity flavours of red cherries and blackberries. Perfect with tomato-based dishes such as pasta or pizza.


ABV: 12.5% 
Volume: 750ml
Region: Italy