Thomson Whisky Zeitgeist 2nd Edition Single-Malt 700ml

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The second and much anticipated release of one of Thomson Whiskies most sought after single cask bottlings. Zeitgeist 1st edition was released in February 2018 and over the years has become one of the most searched and sought-after Whiskies for Thomson.

Head Distiller Mathew Thomson thought to put down more spirit in the same Zeitgiest style, replicating the spec and maturation process. The result was worth the wait and everyone is thrilled to see the 2nd release of this succulent single malt whisky, finally released in July 2022.

Notes of old wood, dried citrus and cosy vanilla meet the drinker, whilst the palate is full of silky smooth clove, sweet citrus, caramel and vanilla

Limited edition: 252 bottles only.
Cask number: 221.
Malt: Unsmoked, 100% NZ grown malted barley.
Maturation: Ex-bourbon barrel maturation, then finished in a French oak NZ Flanders red ale cask.

ABV: 46% 
Volume: 700ml
Country: New Zealand