Aerstone Land Cask 10YO Single Malt Whisky 700ml

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Aerstone Land Cask Whisky, a 10 Year Old Single Malt from the esteemed William Grant & Sons (best known for Glenfiddich Whisky), offers a twist on its Sea Cask counterpart. While the Sea Cask is aged on the coast, the Land Cask is aged in warehouses much further inland, resulting in a distinct flavour profile. The use of Highland peat adds a smoky element to this single malt, creating a balanced balance of sweetness and smokiness.

Aiming to simplify the taste messaging in Scotch Whisky, William Grant has designed the Aerstone range to be the perfect introduction for would-be Scotch drinkers.

Tasting note

This whisky has a well-blended aroma of peat smoke, vanilla, brine, black pepper, and smoked meats, with a hint of fresh fruit. The palate offers a delicious combination of sweet and smoky notes, including aniseed, brown sugar, charred oak, and honeycomb. The finish is a harmonious blend of sweet and smoky flavours, with hints of vanilla fudge, peat smoke, and dry oak.

ABV: 40% 
Volume: 700ml
Region: Lowlands, Scotland