Appleton Estate Signature Rum 1L

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Be one of the first people in New Zealand to own a bottle of this world famous rum with its brilliant 'new' packaging, a homage to it's original bottling.

During the English empire, back when rum was transported in barrels, it was discovered that the time spent in the barrel combined with the rocking of the ships allowed for a smoother, tastier rum. Using this knowledge, different rums from assorted barrels of varying age and type were blended together and the result was "Appleton Estate Special Rum." Appleton Rum was much smoother, lighter and far more fragrant than other available rums and quickly proved to be extremely popular.

Tasting note

Appleton’s amber original is blended from 15 Jamaican aged golden rums. Smooth and lush, with rich, sweet flavours and a fragrant, fruity nose of orange, apricot, molasses and wood.

ABV: 40% 
Volume: 1000ml
Country: Jamaica