Bella Wild Plum Gin Elixir 700ml

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An incredible collaboration of two New Zealand pioneers of flavour, Annabel Langbein and Broken Heart Spirits. 

Annabel and her family have been picking wild plums for many years to make her own special gin. It’s become a ritual – checking the fruit for perfect ripeness so it can release its ruby juices, then carefully blending it with eighteen different aromatics and botanicals. Months and months later, the alchemy of nature delivers us this wonderful gin elixir.

The intense flavour of lusciously sweet tangy plums marries up with notes of rounded spice, pepper, and liquorice with a delicate hint of almond. Silky and full-bodied with a decadent finish that drifts in easy harmony across your palate.

Like walking into a spring orchard….. sweet floral notes and honey, with alluring hints of spice, vanilla and citrus.

Enjoy it straight up over ice or add some soda for a vibrant spritz

ABV: 25% 
Volume: 700ml
Country: New Zealand