Beni-Nanko Premium Ume Liqueur 720ml

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A premium umeshu (plum wine) made with 100% crimson coloured Nanko ume (plums) from Wakayama Prefecture, which have been soaked in spirits on the same day they are harvested. The producer also uses 150% the ume (plums) of Nakano’s signature umeshu, resulting in even more richness from the ume and a gentle peach-like fragrance. 

Best enjoyed on the rocks, straight, or with soda.

Tasting note

On the nose you'll experience the peach-like fruity aroma of the freshly picked Beni Nanko Ume, with a rich acidity and sweetness on the palate that spreads in your mouth the moment you taste it.

ABV: 20%
Volume: 720ml
Country: Japan