Brunswick Aces Pack - Diamonds Gin & Sapiir with Cards

$99.99 $164.99

The perfect entertainer's set, for hosting drinkers and non-drinkers alike - plus the games included!

With a combined retail value of $165, this diamond of a deal offers you a 700ml bottle of both the Brunswick Aces Diamonds Gin and Diamonds Non-Alcoholic Sapiir, plus a limited edition deck of Brunswick Aces Recipe Cards (valued at $25 per pack!) - all for just $99.99!  

Now stunningly housed in their new premium bottles, inspired by luxury perfume brands. The lid of the gins cleverly double as a 15/30/45/60ml pourer - allowing you to make perfectly measured cocktails. The Brunswick range are all gorgeous conversation pieces, with the product inside to back it up. 



As innovative as always, Brunswick Aces have designed this deck of cards to be both playable and multi-functional, giving you 52 unique cards featuring recipes, tasting notes and more! Play your favourite card games with the Diamond in your life today, whilst sipping your Brunswick cocktails or mocktails.



Their alcoholic Diamonds Gin is a citrus-forward blend of premium botanicals, perfect for when you're looking for something fresh and light to sip on. The blend is zesty and floral, leading with notes of native desert lime and lemon, it is perfectly balanced by savoury sage and juniper, with angelica root rounding out the palate.

ABV: 40% 
Volume: 700ml



Sapiir is the name of a distilled beverage that is free of alcohol. The non-alcoholic Diamonds Sapiir provides a zesty, fresh gin alternative for when you're looking for a grown-up, complex option when you're not drinking.

Once again leading with those same notes of native desert lime, finger lime, mandarin and lemon, it is perfectly balanced by savoury sage, juniper and angelica root.

ABV: 0% 
Volume: 700ml
Country: Australia


Both these Diamonds Gin & Sapiir are best enjoyed with tonic to release the layers of citrus and floral aromas, and also acts as a strong base for a range of fresh cocktails. With garnishes, get creative with sage, or a wheel of fresh lemon and lime.