Camden Valley Distillery Raspberry Gin 500ml

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Camden Valley is a new, small-batch gin distillery located on the outskirts of Sydney. They focus on using fresh ingredients to create bold gins that are full of character, and meticulously hand-crafted each step of the way. Always with their motto in mind: "We never do anything, unless it's worth taking a long time to do".

Their Raspberry Gin is no exception and embodies exactly what this distillery strives for.

Made using whole fresh raspberries, which are preserved and pressed through their original dry gin. The resulting gin is an absolute delight! With the lovely sweet, tart flavours of raspberries bringing bright, juicy notes which compliment perfectly with the core botanicals and spices from the classic gin base. 

Perfect in the sun with soda, or in the evening simply over ice. Also makes a great spritz!

ABV: 29% 
Volume: 500ml
Country: Australia