Cardrona Distillery 'The Reid' Single-Malt Vodka 750ml

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Awarded Gold by the Fifty Best Spirits judging panel, this ultra-premium vodka is almost too good to be true. 'the reid' Vodka is made by Cardrona Distillery using only three ingredients: barley, water and yeast. The two-row barley is milled and mixed with the Cardrona water and fermented. Following on, it is distilled in 7.5 metre German column-stills to over 95 percent alcohol. Cardrona water is then reintroduced to the bottle at a strength of 44% alcohol by volume.

Tasting Notes

Crystal clear. A mild spirity, peppery lift to the bouquet; borders on neutrality with subtle aromas of lemon zest, meringue and wet rock and an oily-yet-peppery attack followed by a fresh, tingling, citrusy finish with lingering weetbix, delicate beeswax and pepper in the aftertaste. Very pure. The spiciness adds extra depth.

ABV: 44% 
Volume: 750ml
Country: New Zealand