Plantation 'Stiggins Fancy' Pineapple Rum 700ml

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One of the most popular rums chosen by bartenders around the world. This extraordinary and unique rum truly takes cocktails to another level and adds a real 'wow' factor to a more simple mixed drink. 

Originally crafted by the company's cellar master, and now a delightful treat we can all enjoy as a staple in the Plantation range. To create this rum, they infuse the rinds of Queen Victoria pineapples in their classic white rum for a week and then distil it, from there the fruit of the pineapples are infused in dark rum for three months. These are then married together and left to age in casks for a further three months.

As for the name, this is in reference to the character Reverend Stiggins from Pickwick Papers, whose favourite drink was 'pineapple rum'.

Tasting note

It is soft, perfumed pineapple, perfection and unctuously smooth and complex leading to molasses and shortbread notes where the Cassia spiciness develops at the tail end supported by a spearmint lift.

ABV: 40% 
Volume: 700ml
Country: Caribbean