Good George F This Shit 2024 Gin 700ml

$64.99 $74.99

We all thought 2023 was the year where the fucks would stop, turns out in 2024 they just keep coming. So you know Good George had to run it back again; introducing Fuck This Shit 2024. 

In a world where newspaper headlines scream doom and gloom, and where the cost of living feels like a cruel joke played by the universe itself, sometimes you just need a damn break. And the only reasonable response to the chaos unfolding around is to pour yourself a stiff drink and say, "Fuck this shit”

But fear not, weary traveler of this tumultuous existence, for amidst the chaos lies some glimmers of hope. As you sip on this award winning gin, ponder this: one day soon interest rates will fall, the road cones will be put away and maybe this actually is the Warriors year… So here's to embracing life's absurdities with a wink and a smile, because we reckon that a little optimism, mixed with a dash of cheekiness, can make even the shittiest of days a tad more bearable. So, cheers to flipping the bird to life's challenges and embracing the craziness of it all, one sip at a time.

ABV: 40% 
Volume: 700ml
Country: New Zealand