Good George What's F-ing Next 2022 Gin 700ml

$62.99 $69.99

Here we are at the turning of a new chapter in the book we’d rather not read, but can’t avoid. After waving off 2020 with a middle finger and 2021 waved right back with two. Let’s see what 2022 brings in - whatever happens let’s all raise a glass or two!

Good George aims to keep viewing cups half-full, and having a great tipple to top them up makes things that little bit easier. We thought you may want to join the positivity with a bottle of the good stuff - created with flavour, garnished with frustration and just a little twist of fate.

Keeping spirits high and your glasses full, for whatever 2022 brings.

Please note: The label on the physical bottle is not censored - it's more fun than the above photo.

ABV: 40% 
Volume: 700ml
Country: New Zealand