Hendricks Flora Adora Gin 700ml

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The latest drop from Hendricks and another extraordinary addition to their Cabinet of Curiosities. This is a gin designed to transport you within the Palace walls, and experience the flavours and aromas of the Royal Gardens within. 

Hendrick's Flora Adora Gin is buzzing with an enticing aroma of enchanting flowers and fresh, herbal characters in that classic Hendricks style. Their traditional juniper and coriander backbone is lengthened by lush green and wonderfully sweet floral characteristics, creating a wonderfully balanced gin.

The classic serve with tonic and a slice of cucumber is still recommended, though once you've tried that - consider making a refreshing 'Wild Garden Cup', with a medley of fresh mint, cucumber and juicy raspberries, and topped up with a lemon based soda.

Tasting notes

An incredibly floral nose, that transports you to a lush spring garden. To taste, you'll find hints of peach and rose come on early, before the underlying gin. Juniper comes in strong on the mid-palate, surrounded by a floral bouquet, with notes of lavender and lilac. Coriander and some spice comes through as the spirit lengthens on the palate, revealing a green herbaceous side with a touch of chamomile.

ABV: 43.6%
Volume: 700ml
Country: Scotland