Imagination Damson Plum and Blackberry Gin Liqueur 700ml

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Freshly picked and bottled, the 2024 release of Imagination's delightful Damson Plum and Blackberry Gin Liqueur has arrived!

Imagination's limited edition gin liqueur is a temperamental beast, requiring a variety of moving parts to line up perfectly, and the team refuse to release a batch until they are 100% satisfied they've nailed it (again). As such it can be tricky to get your hands on this gin, and once it is released, it doesn't stick around long.  

Inspired by an classic English sloe gin recipe, this recipe highlights our wonderful autumn produce - the subtle tartness from heirloom English Damson Plum, combined with the earthy sweetness of blackberries. The plums are macerated in gin for 4 months, then after micro-filtering, the pressed juice of the blackberries is added along with more sugar. 

ABV: 32% 
Volume: 700ml
Country: New Zealand