Kraken Rum 47% 750ml

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ATTENTION: this mythical Kraken at 47% 750ml is not as commonly available in New Zealand as it's 40% 700ml counterpart, hence the moniker "Beware the Kraken"

The world's first black spiced rum, Kraken Black Spiced Rum has been causing a 'perfect storm' in the rum category since it was first sighted on the seven seas. An aged Caribbean rum enriched with exotic spices including cinnamon, ginger and clove, packaged in a distinctive 750mL Victorian 'flagon-style' clear glass bottle, this rum is just like it's namesake, Dark, Deeply-flavoured and Deadly.

Tasting note

Imagine someone bottled up the scent of a lively spice market and mixed it with the flavor of a rich, dark gingerbread. This 47% Kraken is just like that - with an added kick of vanilla, ginger and pepper to spice things up.

ABV: 47% 
Volume: 750ml
Country: Caribbean