Moksha Spice of India Gin 700ml

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Introducing Moksha Spice of India Gin - a tiger among gins.

Inspired by India and crafted in New Zealand. Moksha Gin has been distilled with premium cardamom straight from the spice farms of Southern India, warming ginger, and a whisker of lime.

Moksha has been created to be a bottleful of adventure, wanderlust, and escape. As fragrant and vivid as India’s spice markets, and as vibrant and wild as its outermost reaches. Every sip of this glorious premium gin sends you deeper into the jungles of flavour.

This is an absolutely knock-out New Zealand made gin, unlike anything you'll have tried before. The bottle is absolutely stunning, and the bright flavours back it up entirely. This is a conversation piece that won't disappoint. 

Tasting Note

Bright warm spice, balanced out with zesty citrus and subtle floral notes. A complex, full-bodied gin that leaves you picking up new notes with each sip.

Fantastic in a negroni, and makes a very special G&T.

ABV: 42% 
Volume: 700ml
Country: New Zealand