Mr Stubbs Espresso Martini 700ml

$34.99 $39.99

Take your at-home cocktail night to the next level with Mr Stubbs Espresso Martini. This irresistible drink brings the bar experience to your cozy night in. Infused with creamy cold-drip espresso, it's so authentic you won't even notice you're in your ugg boots. Just shake, pour, and pat yourself on the back for a job well done!

Serving Suggestion:

Simply shake in whatever cocktail-shaker-esque vessel you have at hand (an airtight jar will work fine!), and serve in a coupe glass. If you want to raise the bar even further, Mr Stubbs says you should garnish with a dusting of cocoa powder or coffee beans!

Each bottle has seven perfectly measured ready-to-pour drink serves.

ABV: 13.9% 
Volume: 700ml
Country: Australia