Nakano Green Tea Umeshu Plum Wine 720ml

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Umeshu is a famous Japanese spirit, made from steeping plums in liquor, along with extra sugar. Hugely popular in Japanese restaurants, and a very welcome addition to any dinner party.

Nakano's Umeshu is handcrafted using 100% 'Nanko ume' grown in Japan’s Wakayama prefecture, a region famous for its ume (Japanese plums).

This product is Nakano umeshu, infused with green tea (ryoku-cha) to give it a freshness not found in the base umeshu, delicious served on the rocks or mixed with soda.

Tasting note

A refreshing balance from the astringency of green tea, paired with the aroma and tartness of Nakano’s umeshu.

ABV: 12%
Volume: 720ml
Country: Japan