Nakano Sake Chokyu ULTRA Ginjyo Junmai White Label Sake 720ml

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One of the premier ULTRA offerings from the renowned Nakano brewery, this sake has been designed with the goal of making the ultimate sake to enjoy with food. Originally commissioned for the exclusive Kitcho restaurant, which many critics consider as the icon of Japanese haute cuisine, it is now available to the public.

Brewed with yamada-nishiki and omachi rice, this sake is recommended to be served chilled and pairs well with lighter, more delicate flavours, e.g. sashimi, sushi, Bluff oysters, or tempura.

Tasting note

Strong-bodied, full of umami, with a slight firmness and a crisp finish. After brewing, the sake has been raw-stored at -5°C for at least 3 years to embed its ripeness.

ABV: 16%
Volume: 720ml
Country: Japan