Nakano Sake Chokyu ULTRA Super-Dry Junmai Sake 720ml

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Brewed to extract the very maximum umami from rice, this junmai-shu from Nakano’s renowned ultra series measures +17.8 on the sake scale. While this places it at the super-dry end of the sake spectrum at face value, it carries an umami that blooms in the mouth, giving the sake a gentler flavour profile.

Pairs well with lighter, more delicate flavours, e.g. sashimi, sushi, Bluff oysters, tempura, or panko crumbed fish or chicken. Or enjoy as a palate cleanser with fried foods like fish and chips.

Tasting note

This is an ultra-dry junmai-shu with a gentler flavour profile that evolves in the mouth,  allowing the drinker to enjoy both the true umami of rice, alongside a very clean finish.

ABV: 19%
Volume: 720ml
Country: Japan