Nakano Umeshu Plum Wine with Ume Plum Fruit 720ml

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Umeshu is a famous Japanese spirit, made from steeping ume (Japanese plums) in liquor, along with extra sugar. Hugely popular in Japanese restaurants, and a very welcome addition to any dinner party. In this unique take on the classic umeshu, the ume are left in the bottle, allowing the flavour to further infuse into the liquor.

Nakano's Umeshu is handcrafted using 100% 'Nanko ume' grown in Japan’s Wakayama prefecture, a region famous for its ume.

Nanko ume are widely regarded as the premier ume for making umeshu, due to their abundant flesh, soft peach-like aroma and high organic acid content. Wakayama Prefecture is the most famous region in Japan for ume production (in particular for nanko ume) due to its favourable climate.

Tasting note

To taste you'll get a balance of initial sweetness, with a refreshing tartness. Best enjoyed as an aperitif served straight, on the rocks, or with a splash of soda.

ABV: 14%
Volume: 720ml
Country: Japan