National Distillery Hemp Gin 750ml

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Winner of the most anticipated and highly contested category at the 2020 New Zealand Spirit Awards and named Best Gin. (Not only did it win best New Zealand Gin, it won best overall Gin, full stop). This is an unbelievable product that you need to experience for yourself.

The National Distillery that everyone is buzzing about has continued to push the limits and wow judges and gin connoisseurs alike. This expression creatively expands on their signature seven core gin aromatics with the addition of toasted hemp hearts and an invigorating burst of citrus.

Tasting note

Combining unique toasted New Zealand hemp hearts with lashings of lemon peel, this is a beautifully balanced botanical gin with bursts of luscious citrus and distant lingering toasted notes.

ABV: 45% 
Volume: 750ml
Country: New Zealand