National Distillery Port O Ahuriri Botanical Rum 700ml

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Following on from their success in winning New Zealand's Best Rum with their new Golden Rum, the National Distillery have now also released their Botanical Rum: A rum untouched by oak, and flavoured only with sugarcane and botanical notes, with flavours that suggest years of aging.

Port O Ahuriri Botanical Rum is a perfectly balanced rum made from sugarcane and vapour distilled through cacao, roasted coffee beans, lime peel, and tonka bean. To taste, you'll find notes of vanilla, stone fruits, chocolate and sweet lime. A great sweet and round mouthfeel, this rum will keep you going back to your glass to smell, taste and discover more layers of flavour.

Port O Ahuriri Botanical Rum is unaged, zero oak, flavoured naturally through sugarcane and botanicals.

Steeped in rich history, the Port of Ahuriri where the National Distillery is located, has long served the early whalers and fishermen from the 1830’s and, with deep history, comes great stories of the liquid gold they drank.

ABV: 42% 
Volume: 700ml
Country: New Zealand