Pinch Gut Spiced Rum 750ml

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Pinch Gut is a premium spiced rum, dark at heart and aged with rich spices of cinnamon, spiced nutmeg and toffee vanilla. Matured in barrel for over two years, the palate showcases depth & richness, together with a smooth complexity of toasted vanilla, orange peel and cinnamon. Rich on the mid palate with maple that is mouth-warming and a lifted spice finish.

Of the many dark stories from these troubled times, none is more notorious than that of convict Francis Morgan, who was executed on Pinch Gut Island and his skeleton then left to hang for four years. According to folklore, knowing his fate, Morgan told the hangman he was consoled by what would be his magnificent view of the harbour. Today we’re still obsessed with rum but “harbour views to die for” luckily has quite a different meaning.

This is authentic premium rum at it's finest, magnificently packaged in a historical corked glass bottle and a product inside that would cause pirates across the seas to hunt you down. Certainly one to keep on display at the front of your shelf. 

ABV: 40% 
Volume: 750ml

Rum Region: Dominican Republic

Country: Distilled and barrel aged in Australia