Remarkable Cream White Chocolate & Raspberry Liqueur 700ml

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An incredible treat, crafted with melted NZ White Chocolate and fresh Whanganui Raspberries.

These two ingredients have been expertly combined with fresh cream and triple-distilled vodka to bring you an indulgence that is less sweet on the palate while being every bit as rich and delicious as one could wish for.

The Remarkable Cream team have sought out the best berries and white chocolate they could source locally to give it the authentic flavour that only real ingredients can bring.

Remarkable Cream is a family business that produces a New Zealand alternative to Irish Cream Liqueurs. Their creations showcase the best of NZ's dairy products: fresh cream and high quality milk Vodka. Always natural ingredients. Always Quality.

Enjoy on ice, in a cocktail, or pour over ice cream.

Remarkably Delicious - Uniquely New Zealand.

ABV: 14% 
Volume: 700ml
Country: New Zealand