Southward Chardonnay Barrel Rested Chilli Gin 700ml

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The latest release from one of New Zealand's most exciting distilleries, Southward have bottled a Chardonnay Barrel Rested Chilli Gin for your drinking pleasure. Yes you read that right, a perfectly balanced blend of Guajillo and Jalapeno Chilli aged for 12 months in an ex-Tony Bish (NZ Wine Royalty) Chardonnay Barrel. And only 300 bottles were made! Get in quick for this extraordinary gin.

Tasting note

This gin offers a unique flavor experience, blending savory and chocolate notes from the Guajillo Chilli and a balanced heat from the Jalapeno. The Chardonnay cask adds a rich texture that elevates the overall taste. Enjoy straight or with a splash of soda water or tonic.

ABV: 45% 
Volume: 700ml
Country: New Zealand