Starward Whisky Negroni Cocktail 500ml

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Created by balancing Starward's award-winning whisky, aged in Australian red wine barrels, with a carefully considered combination of vermouth and liqueur.

With its big, fruity flavour, Starward whisky was always crafted to sing in a cocktail. They have then sought out trusted local producers for the sweet vermouth and bitter orange liqueur. Their discerning patience paid off - The Whisky Negroni is balanced yet bold, you’re hit with herbal orangey aromas before juicy orange and sour cherry floods your palate.

Simply serve with ice and an orange peel. It’s a perfect choice for pre-dinner drinks alongside antipasti. Bringing a cocktail over for dinner? Undoubtedly a popular power move.

ABV: 32% 
Volume: 500ml
Country: Straya