Strange Nature Gin + 2x Cocktail Glasses Giftpack

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This super-premium giftpack includes 1 x 700ml bottle of Strange Nature
and 2 x premium cocktail glasses.

Strange Nature Gin

This innovative spin on a traditional gin goes against the grain and has been grown from grapes. That's right - not flavoured, but grown.

This unique spirit was found during the process of creating alcohol removed New Zealand white wine. When the alcohol is gently removed from the wine, the aroma and flavour is preserved to create a fresh, vibrant white spirit grown from grapes.

When presented to world leading distillers, it was clear that they'd discovered an incredible, flavourful base spirit unlike any other. And after 18 months of trials, it was clear that there was so much flavour already in the alcohol, that there was only one botanical that needed to be added - Juniper.

As a result, Strange Nature bears all the quintessential flavours of its unique wine grape origins. Aromatic and fruity, tropical and zesty, with lovely herbaceous tones to round it out.

Packaged in one of the most incredible bottles on the market, and with the product inside to back it up - you've got to add this to your collection.

ABV: 44% 
Volume: 700ml
Country: New Zealand