Stranger & Sons Gin 700ml

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Crafted in Goa, India and acclaimed around the world, Stranger & Sons Gin was conceived to celebrate the agricultural diversity and abundance of India and its love affair with spices.

Utilising a selection of inherently Indian botanicals lend the gin a wonderfully strange Indian personality. In addition to juniper, the 8 ingredients include a bouquet of locally cultivated and hand-picked spices plus a medley of four Indian citrus peels.

The recipe for Stranger & Sons Gin was supposedly passed down to the founders by a mythical two-tailed, three eyed creature who appeared to them in a dream.

Tasting Note

Beautifully balanced, full bodied, with the smoothness expected from of a great premium gin. You'll get incredible complex citrus notes, with a medley of enticing spice, and subtle sweet liquorice undertones. Truly unlike any gin you'll have experience before.

ABV: 42.8% 
Volume: 700ml
Country: New Zealand