The Duppy Share 'Duppy' White Rum 700ml

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Jamaica's lively spirit and global impact are aptly embodied in the Duppy Share 'Duppy' White Rum. This 100% Jamaican rum boasts the essence of mango, pimento, and fresh thyme, for a taste that is 100% Jamaican and brimming with personality.

Crafted and co-founded with the legendary musician Kano - this rum took five years to come to life; inspired by the scents, tastes, and memories of his Jamaican heritage and the incredible influence of Jamaican culture on London and beyond.

Experience the vibrant aromas of banana, mango, and thyme, followed by the sweet taste of caramel and lively tropical fruits. As you savor this rum, you'll also encounter hints of pimento spice and a lively finish courtesy of the pot still. Made with 100% Jamaican rum, Duppy White offers a true taste of Jamaica in every sip.

ABV: 40% 
Volume: 700ml
Country: Jamaica