The Guide to New Zealand Gin Bundle

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Whether you're new to the world of gin, have a growing collection, or fancy yourself a gin expert with a home bar, The Guide to New Zealand Gin is your must-have companion for exploring Kiwi gins.

Discover the transformation of New Zealand's gin world with this collection of The Guide to New Zealand Gin, spanning the past few years.

Not only can you witness the newest gin creations, but you can also discover the gins that have come and gone, adding to the ever-changing story of local distillers.

Discover hundreds of gins from dozens of brands and details from botanicals to serving suggestions and tasting notes to ABV.

Get all the knowledge you need to truly appreciate New Zealand craft gin.

Bought separately, these books would normally cost $99.99, but is available as a bundle for the special price of $69.99 here at Easy Tiger


Bundle includes:

The Guide to New Zealand Gin Vol. 4

The Guide to New Zealand Gin Vol. 3

Fever-Tree Easy Mixing Guide to NZ Gin Edition