The Guide to New Zealand Gin Volume 4

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Looking for the perfect gift for your gin mad friend/partner/family-member? Or just looking to unleash your inner gin connoisseur? Look no further than The Guide to New Zealand Gin Volume 4! Keep up with the latest in Kiwi-made gin and become an expert in choosing the perfect bottle. 

For all gin enthusiasts - whether you're a novice or a connoisseur - The Guide to New Zealand Gin can be your ultimate companion.

With a refreshed layout filled with even more details and visuals, this user-friendly handbook compiles everything necessary to select the perfect gin to suit your palate.

Embark upon an adventure to uncover the ins and outs of over 150 NZ gins from more than 50 different brands!

    Each gin was tasted by a panel of experts to create the best possible tasting notes:

    • George Grbich - Spirits Judge, Amateur Golfer & Author
    • Tash McGill - Spirits Writer, Judge, & Educator
    • David Hawk - Spirits Judge & DSA Committee Member
    • Shaanah Bell - Co-founder of NZ Gin Day

    Along with sections on Styles of Gin, Native Botanicals, Tonic & Mixers, NZ Gin Day, and a Distillery Directory.

    Discover all there is to know about New Zealand's ever changing craft gin scene with this comprehensive guide!