Warners Elderflower Gin 700ml

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Warner's has quickly become the UK's top selling premium gin range. Made on the family's farm, where they grow their own ingredients, and utilise water from it's natural spring. 

The Elderflower is an absolute stand out in this range, it is dangerously inviting and would take an absurd amount of will power to stop at just one drink. To get the insane sweet and tangy hit, more than 300 elderflowers lose their heads in the making of each bottle.

With this one we recommend keeping it fresh with a lighter tonic (or even soda water), and a sprig of mint, some lemon and you're away laughing.

Tasting note

Lovely soft floral elderflower with hints of lychees and some more subtle Juniper. A lemony zing mixes wonderfully with the elderflower giving a beautiful smooth mouthfeel like icing sugar with delicate spice and a little vanilla. The juniper fades out leaving cardamom and cinnamon with elderflower to give a long finish with a bouquet of floral and spicy flavours lingering softly.

ABV: 40% 
Volume: 700ml
Country: England