Weekender Gin Advent Calendar - 24 Gins of Christmas

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24 x 50ml Gin-filled baubles

Take a festive flight around NZ this Christmas and discover a delicious array of locally crafted gins with this limited edition 24 Days of Christmas Gin Advent Calendar.

With 24 delicate 50ml Gin filled baubles, each individually nestled into numbered drawers, this beautifully presented Gin Advent Calendar will take you on a Gin-journey and get you well into the Christmas spirit(s). Enjoy small batch hand-crafted gins you have yet to discover plus much loved gins from New Zealand’s most awarded brands, all side-by-side in one joy-filled calendar.

Begin a new Christmas countdown tradition with the family, celebrate the December days with friends or simply slow down and treat yourself to a Gin or two till Santa comes. This gorgeous Gin Advent Calendar is just the tipple - whether you’ve been naughty or nice!

Beautifully presented, these baubles and calendars are reusable and refillable so you can treat yourself again and a-again or gift-it-forward for next year. 

Secure your Christmas Gin Advent Calendar for this year - stock is limited and will sell out early. 


The following New Zealand gins are included in this year's 24 Day Advent Calendar:

  • Clarity Dry Gin
  • Dancing Sands Sauvignon Blanc Gin
  • Curiosity Ruby Gin
  • Broken Heart Pinot Noir Gin
  • Duo Citrine Gin
  • Blush Boysenberry Gin
  • 1919 Distilling London Dry Gin
  • Carbon 6IX Distillery Coconut Gin
  • The Bond Store Distillery Kawakawa Gin
  • National Distillery Verdigris Dry Gin
  • Humdinger Citrus Gin
  • Racketeers Spiced Gin
  • Hectors Little Akaloa Pink Blossom Gin
  • Rose & Twig Pomegranate Gin
  • Sundown Black Doris Plum Gin
  • Juno Extra Fine Gin
  • No8 Distillery Moka Gin
  • Imagination Black Barn Syrah Barrel Aged Gin
  • Roots Dry Gin
  • Dabblers Orange, Raspberry and Rhubarb Gin
  • Weekender Orange Gin
  • Twelfth Hour Dry Gin
  • Waiheke Distilling London Dry Gin
  • Lighthouse Original Gin

24 x 50ml Gin-filled baubles with white and gold printed ribbon

ABV per bauble varies with each Gin selected - between 37 - 45% ABV per bauble.

Approx 38.5 Total Standard Drinks per Calendar containing a refillable Christmas Bauble.

The calendar and baubles can be re-used together or separately, year after year. The gift that keeps on giving.

The calendar is made from sturdy cardboard with individual drawers that can be filled with any treat to make it a family friendly Christmas tradition for years to come.