Wolf Lane Distilling Tropical Gin 500ml

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Introducing the Tropical Gin, the incredible bottle that put Wolf Lane Distilling on the map.

Wolf Lane Tropical Gin brings together thirteen botanicals that are both steeped and vapour-infused to create a taste of the tropics. They use some of the usual suspects: juniper, angelica, cinnamon, cardamom with the addition of native lemon myrtle, pepper-berry, and macadamia. But the real magic here is the vapour-infusion of fresh local ruby grapefruits, mangoes and finger limes that set this Tropical Gin apart. 

This is an perfectly-balanced, citrus-forward summer gin that will transport you to the beach. Perfect served with soda and a slice of ruby grapefruit, and a welcome addition to any classic gin cocktail. 

ABV: 42.5% 
Volume: 500ml
Country: Australia