Hastings Distillers Ignis Fatuus Organic Gin 500ml

$254.99 $264.99

An ultra-premium, limited-edition release from Hastings Distillers, and one of the best gins to ever be made on our shores.

Ignis Fatuus is Latin for “foolish flame” and refers to a fey light that can sometimes be seen rising from swamp or over wetlands. Usually the result of the combustion of gas triggered by decaying plant matter, for some, it represents a fairy, ghost or elemental spirit – something to be feared, or perhaps heralding a folly or impossible hope.

For Hasting's Distillers, this was the perfect name for this limited-edition gin. It represents several elements coming together to create something unique – the vapour rising from the still, the unequivocal lifted notes that come from the use of kauri gum, the aroma of New Zealand native forest.

Crafted with 10 botanicals, including juniper, kauri gum, black cardamom and citrus, this premium New Zealand sipping gin pays homage to the country's pioneers and has a deep, symbolic connection to its history. You'll discover a complex flavour profile with every sip and feel the essence of native trees which lived thousands of years ago. 

A one of a kind gin experience, which you'll be lucky to enjoy.

ABV: 47% 
Volume: 500ml
Country: New Zealand